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We get you ALL the facts... NATIONWIDE!

We are a nationwide independent insurance claims investigation company. We deliver COMPLETE reports with zero frustration.

Churchill Claims Adjusting Services

Churchill Claims Services will never turn in an incomplete report. Our nationwide insurance claims adjusters will get you ALL the facts you need

Competitive and Flexible Rates

Our rates are very competitive with claims adjusting standards. There are no add-on percentages. Please contact us to discuss our flexible rate schedules.


Claims Services Offered

We do investigations of personal injury and general liability cases.General Liability

Whether it be a slip and fall on your insured’s premises, a products liability case or employee dishonesty, our thorough investigation will enable you to make the correct decision regarding the claim.

We investigate automobile liability claims.Automobile Accidents

Churchill Claims handles auto liability claims as well as Comp and Collision to full conclusion of the claim.

We investigate property damage, fire and theft claims.Property Claims

Our Residential and Commercial property adjusters stand ready to handle your Property assignments to full conclusion.

We do fraud investigations. Do you have a court case and need proof? Call us.Fraud Claims

Suspicious about a claim? Too many omitted items, falsehoods and inconsistencies? Let us pull the string for you to find the real story behind the scenes so that you can act accordingly.

We do professional liability insurance claims investigations, and we get you complete information.Professional Liability

Churchill Claims excels in handling Errors and Omissions claims with years of experience in these areas.

We do vehicle appraisals.Vehicle Appraisals

We can do your appraisals including standard vehicles, heavy equipment, specialty vehicles such as classic cars, motorcycle, boats and recreational vehicles.

We do trucking and shipping loss investigations.Trucking Losses

Our experienced truck adjusters are available to investigate these losses after the fact to tie down all details.

We do casualty claims and accurately assessCasualty Claims

Churchill Claims are experts in casualty claims, and help you to accurately assess whether the claims you are dealing with are accurate or not, which helps immensely in the expedient processing of said claims.

Our adjusters are licensed nationwide in all 50 states

Contact us to get thorough, complete reports that will allow you to accept or deny claims quickly. Churchill Claims Services adjusters are fully licensed and bonded. References and licensing details are available upon request.


Call or fax your claims to the following numbers:


Toll Free Phone:  877-840-6277

Toll Free Fax:  866-800-0668

Assignments can also be sent by email or our online submission form.


"You went above and beyond what was expected — great job."

— Allstate Insurance

Tales of the Adjuster

This is a special section detailing some of the actual and unusual experiences that adjusters face on a day to day basis.

Nationwide insurance claims adjustment and investigation services.

Call us toll free at 877-840-6277

for further information about our claims adjusting and investigation services. You can also use our Contact Form to email us if you have any questions or would like a representative to contact you.

Fax your claims to us at 866-800-0668

Churchill Claims offers:

  Multi-line adjusting

  Competitive and flexible rates

  Detail-oriented adjusters with full integrity

  Quick turnarounds on reports

  Licensed, bonded and insured

  Efficient, fast and cost-effective services

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